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    On scary terms

    In my previous posts I tried to avoid using terminology as much as possible. Hey, I have been doing exactly what Microsoft has been doing all these years: trying to invent new terminology to avoid scaring people :)
    With one big difference: I don't expect my "simple" terminology to replace the "real" one in my readers' heads pretending that the "real" and "scary" one does not exist.

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    On things you don't have

    Any (good) programming language offers a lot of very useful things. These things are usually pretty much well known among developers programming in this language. However, there are many other things that particular language does not provide, and these things are typically remain completely unknown or totally misunderstood by the same developers, well, because they do not exist in their universe. It is like early iPhone users who would say "who needs copy/paste on a phone, nonsense!". Right until this feature became available to them and they realised how useful it was.

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    On null propagation and code contracts

    I am a software developer with 11 years of experience in C#. After that I moved on to F#, and then to Scala, and a bit of Haskell, but it doesn’t matter much except for the fact that I can see things from different perspectives. I still try to keep in touch with the .NET land, particularly with C# and F# because, well, it is still very familiar and is very interesting to me.

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